Located to the south of kite-surfer’s paradise Bulabog Beach (‘Back Beach’), on the east coast or the sunrise side of Boracay Island and around a rocky point, is the peaceful and mostly undeveloped Tambisaan Beach . Situated between the lush-green, jungle-clad Manoc Manoc and Bantud barangays, Tambisaan Beach is also home to a friendly local community and a small seasonal jetty port. An easy trip over from the jetty port at Caticlan on mainland Panay, your relaxing luxury home-from-home is a mere hassle-free, five-minute walk from Boracay’s smaller gateway.
Location Under the Stars luxury apartments Boracay

Getting to Tambisaan Beach from the famous west-facing White Beach is easy by sea or over land – you can take a paraw or bangka boat from the closest Station (Station 3) around the south end of the island , and you can hop on a boat leaving from Bulabog Beach, depending on the wind and the season. Alternatively, you can take a motorbike or tricycle through the small towns, which takes less than 10 minutes.
Tambisaan is currently a local village with virtually no commercial aspects.

The Under The Stars property that is for rent and for sale, sits right on the sand, at the far end of the Tambisaan beachfront and is accessed via a private gated entrance at the back of the apartments or from the beach itself. It’s the perfect island retreat.