Known as the beach capital of the Philippines, Boracay showcases a surprising amount of varied Boracay beaches despite its small size.

Boracay Beach

Boasting over a dozen coves, beaches and bays in Boracay, some of the most popular beaches aside from the world-famous west-facing White Beach include: north-facing Puka Shell Beach – a stunning long, shell- and coral-covered beach to rival White Beach; rugged undeveloped Ilig Iligan Beach; Diniwid Beach, also west-facing and tucked in a charming cove; and east-facing Bulabog or ‘Back Beach’ amongst others.

Tambisaan Beach

Located on the east, or sunrise part of Boracay, between the Manoc Manoc and Bantud barangays, just a mere hop, skip and a leap from the island’s jetty ports, is the quiet, secluded Tambisaan Beach. About 500 meters long and, like many others around the island, it is often overlooked due to the popularity of White Beach.
Boracay Tambisaan Beach Philippines

It is however, a virtually undiscovered gem where visitors can immerse themselves in the peace and quiet of the easygoing, hospitable local community and surrounding nature – there is nothing commercial about this place.
The stunning blueish-green water is just begging to be dived or snorkeled – just off the white-sand beach is a multitude of beautiful reefs and corals, home to an aquarium of brightly-colored tropical fish. Diving around Crocodile Island, which lies just off the shore, is second-to-none and one of the most popular dive spots on the island.
Boracay Apartments Under The Stars lies just a stone’s throw from the water’s edge, right on the foliage-fringed beach – you simply couldn’t get any closer!